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Kirk SandersKirk Sanders

Might be nice people to buy and sell a home with but the person driving the pickup plastered with Town and Country Real Estate shouldn't be driving! I'm pretty sure the max speed around Bear Lake is 55 not 70! Hope you made it where you so desperately needed to get and pass us all like we were standing still.

Victoria SolarteVictoria Solarte

I came to Cindy looking to purchase my first home. She was beyond helpful. As a newcomer to Bear Lake and Utah, she helped me understand any different rules from Illinois where I am originally from. She was patient with me and showed numerous properties so I could make the perfect decision for me. No pressure, no scams. Just honest to god truth and lots of help.

If you are new to the area you will gain so much from working with Town & Country. They have been in Bear Lake for years and know all there is to know about the area. I will definitely come back in the future

Pat KlingbergPat Klingberg

We decided to sell our Condo in the late fall of 2017 and listed it with Cindy.
We were worried it was a slow time to sell but was very satisfied with the outcome.
Everything was handled so professionally. It was put on the market within a day as well as websites, MLS and on the sign in front of their office.
Any questions or problems we ran into she handled immediately.
We had several offers but held out awhile longer. Once we had a good price she made it very easy for us to go under contract.
All went well . If you need a good Real Estate Office for selling or buying we highly recommend Town & Country Realty in Bear Lake. All who work there are wonderful. They are the Best!

E. SaraevaE. Saraeva

Cindy is very knowledgeable about every aspect of selling or buying real estate at Bear Lake. She is also very responsive. We've dealt with her a couple of times and every time it's been a pleasure. Could not recommend her enough!

Pam CPam C

We work hard to help our clients find or sell the perfect property. If you have had the pleasure of working with one of our agents, we would love to hear from you in the form of a review here on Google. Thank you for allowing us to be your Real Estate professionals.

Matt J.

I had a very positive experience with this agency. These ladies were always there to help me find what I was looking for. They know every detail about every property, simply amazing! I recommend them to everybody I know.


I have been involved in purchasing real estate in California, Washington, Idaho, and Utah. Cindy at Town and Country is by far the hardest working and most accessible agent I have worked with. We have purchased two Bear Lake properties from Town and Country since 2005 and wouldn't hesitate to use them again.

Cindy's experience and network helped with both deals and we continue to get the benefits of her local knowledge.

utahcoach444 from Zillow.com

With all the hurdles and obstacles, you have to navigate with respect to mortgage companies, insurance companies, credit companies and all the little things that go into the process of eventually closing on a loan, Kim was the bright spot in the entire process.

I was very appreciative of how quick she responded no matter how insignificant my questions might have been at the time. She clearly understands the entire process and was very helpful in moving things along.

Danielle M.

I have LOVED working with Pat Argyle. She is always open and honest and I know has our best interest in mind. Thank you, Pat, for making our experience so hassle free, I didn’t know that was possible.


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We have had great experiences with Cindy, both in buying and selling property in Bear Lake Valley. She runs a very professional and successful real estate business and has a very long list of repeat customers as well as new clients. Cindy has also made and continues to make a significant investment in time and resources to the communities around Bear Lake, which speaks to her integrity and her caring most about the people.

Cindy worked very hard for us and did a great job! She was very knowledgeable about the area and showed us many options to choose from. We would, and we will, recommend her to anyone!

We listed our cabin at Bear Lake west with Cindy. We met with a couple of realtors in the area before the listing, and Cindy was the one that showed the most interest and was the most realistic and honest in her presentation. She inspired the most confidence. She gave us the impression that she was interested in selling and not just listing the home. She worked hard and did an excellent job in selling the cabin.

Our initial buyer backed out of the offer on the day of closing and Cindy was very supportive and helped us get the earnest money. We then found and brought another buyer to the table and Cindy worked hard with them to make the sale happen. She is excellent. I would recommend Cindy to sell any property in the bear lake valley.

Cindy was Terrific. She was very easy going in helping to find and select the right property for us. Especially because we weren’t quite sure of what we really wanted and what was the best deal. She was very patient with us even when we request follow-up visits and didn’t move quickly to an offer. She knows the area and the market there. As we were, I am confident that you will be very happy with the service she provides.

Cindy is the best! She really knows her stuff and goes the extra mile in service. We were well taken care of both in the beginning and as we narrowed our search. She was very professional and honest in her ideas and suggestions. She even gave several references when we asked for local services in the area. We have found a trusted friend in Cindy.

I have been involved in purchasing real estate in California, Washington, Idaho, and Utah. Cindy at Town and Country is by far the hardest working and most accessible agent I have worked with. We have purchased two Bear Lake properties from Town and Country since 2005 and wouldn’t hesitate to use them again. Cindy’s experience and network helped with both deals and we continue to get the benefits of her local knowledge.

I truly enjoyed working with Cindy. She was very comfortable to talk to, knowledgeable about the business and the local area. She welcomed our questions and worked hard to find a home that fit the parameters we were searching for. She was helpful after the purchase as well, with information about local contractors, retailers, and references for different services.

Cindy was also available to work with us 7 days a week, which was nice for us, considering we were from out of town and needed to do most of our searching on the weekends.

I would gladly recommend Cindy, as our experience with her was smooth, pleasant, and fun!

I worked in the real estate industry for over five years as an escrow officer. I am very specific on who I want to work with in regard to a real estate agent. Cindy met all my criteria before I entered into a recent transaction. We had a deal that could have gone any direction. She priced my property right to begin with. She knew how far to push in negotiations, and she knew the background all the way from property taxes, land easements, to the real estate purchase contract itself. In the many phone calls we had, I never found myself wondering if I was getting sound advice. She stepped up to the plate every time and knocked it out of the park. She managed my expectations appropriately and I never felt let down during the entire process. I would recommend Cindy for any transaction in real estate.

Words cannot describe how lucky we were to work with Cindy McLaughlin. I would highly recommend her to everyone.

We were first-time cabin buyers and new to the Bear Lake area and we were guided the whole way through the process with such care and professionalism. She is all about integrity and excellence. Extremely detailed and patient and on top of all this, she is such a kind soul. I really can’t imagine getting any better service than this.

She is undeniably the BEST at what she does.

We love our new cabin and we have her to thank!

Jayson & Shannon Mullins

Cindy helped us buy a house at Bear Lake. While she was the seller’s agent, she was more than fair toward us as buyers. She was very responsive, very knowledgeable, and facilitated the negotiation and purchase in a very professional, pleasant manner.

She went out of her way to make sure everything was right with the house and made good suggestions as to what we should require as part of the purchase, such as having the septic tank pumped. We probably would not have thought of that on our own. She has continued to be available with useful local information and referrals even after the purchase.

If we ever decide to sell, she will be our agent. If we ever decide to buy again, she will be the one we contact first.

Cindy has helped us on several occasions in the past and has always been extremely professional. Her knowledge of the market as well as local insider information has been very helpful. We will use her and refer her in the future.

Cindy has handled all of our real estate transactions in Garden City. We have a great working relationship that is also a good friendship. She is always so willing to help us out any way that she can. We trust her with access to all of our properties and would give her high recommendations.

Cindy found just what we were looking for and made the entire process easy! She was always available and communicated in a timely matter. She was friendly, professional, and great to work with. Give her a call!

Cindy is very knowledgeable of the local market and is a first-rate Realtor. She is hard working, and enthusiastically dedicated the necessary time to show us multiple properties (several more than once!). She was extremely helpful in helping us determine comparative market values. Cindy did a great job representing our interests in negotiations. We were out-of-state purchasers and she was very helpful in coordinating all aspects of the closing. We highly recommend Cindy to anyone interested in Bear Lake property.

We have worked with Cindy for years. She has helped me not only sell my personal home but has also been very professional in helping us with several of our clients. She goes out of her way to make things right. She tries hard and is good at customizing the listings she finds to our clients’ needs.

She really knows her stuff and is punctual. I do not hesitate in recommending her for to clients or anybody needing anything having to do with their real estate needs.

We were fortunate to work with Cindy in the purchase of our home at Bear Lake and would highly recommend her to anyone interested in buying or selling homes or lots in the area.

What impressed us the most in working with Cindy was her honesty, straight answers, in-depth research, and extensive knowledge of the Bear Lake area. She knows the contractors, services, and businesses in the area and either knows or will find the answer to your questions. She is highly regarded and respected in the community and passionate about Bear Lake.

Wow! Very knowledgeable agent: not only about what properties are for sale but also about building materials used and interiors. Very impressed!

Cindy is great. She always has your best interest at heart. She has a lot of local knowledge and knows what’s for sale and at what prices. Cindy always goes the extra mile to make sure everything goes as scheduled and does stay on top of the transactions. Her follow-up is great. I’m on my third transaction with her.

Cindy was great to work with. She doesn’t try to sell you stuff you don’t want. She’s straightforward and honest throughout the whole process. She knows Bear Lake inside and out. Follows up on details even if you don’t know there are details to follow up on. Encouraged us to look into property line issues even though there was a chance it could impact the home sale. Also offered to let me use her ladder if I ever need to get to some lightbulbs 25 ft. up on the ceiling. Excellent agent!

Cindy is a true professi0nal, she has great communication skills and will always keep the best interest of her client in mind. If you need a home or selling a home Cindy is your answer.

Thanks again Cindy!

Cindy is wonderful to work with. She is very knowledgeable and friendly. We would absolutely recommend her.

I can’t say or express enough good about Cindy and her agency. We feel very fortunate to have used Cindy and her agency during the process of finding and purchasing our Bear Lake property. Cindy and her staff know the business and how to work with and for their clients. Cindy’s knowledge of the area and her willingness to work hard are difficult attributes to find. In difficult situations during the process of buying our property, Cindy had the ability and knowledge to make things happen. I would not only recommend Cindy, I would suggest that if someone is buying or selling property in the Bear Lake area that they would be MAKING A MISTAKE TO NOT use Cindy and her agency. We are very glad we did.

Cindy has been my agent for over 6 years where she has acted as my agent in several areas. I have bought and sold several pieces of property as well as a home, I currently have a land listing with her.

She will be my agent in the future as I plan on purchasing and developing several projects in the Bear Lake Valley.

If you are interested in contacting me, please do not hesitate to do so.


I have worked with this agent for seven years. She has represented my business in multiple property transactions and has also assisted in several personal property deals. She is honest and trustworthy and is willing to engage in a negotiation style that suits my business needs and personality. I have found that she works well with sellers and buyers and I have referred many friends and family to her for assistance. She is very knowledgeable about the Bear Lake area and is willing to take the time and energy to ensure that my needs are met. She is readily available, with a flexible schedule. I have enjoyed working with this agent personally and professionally and would highly recommend her.

My work requires me to work with Real Estate Agents frequently. I have worked with Cindy for 10 years, many times as her client, and have always been extremely pleased with her performance. She works hard, is extremely thorough, and is absolutely honest. When she is representing me I feel that she is my advocate and is placing my interest as her number one concern. Without hesitation, I recommend Cindy to anyone who is searching for a property to buy, or who is trying to sell a property.

I was very impressed with Cindy’s knowledge about the area. Her suggestions about the cabins and lots around them were very helpful. She tried hard to show us what we told her we were looking for. She was honest about everything. I have recommended Cindy to others and would highly recommend her to anyone.

Cindy is an excellent agent. What is truly remarkable about her, however, is that she has been there for us after the sale as well. She assists us with care and upkeep of the property. My wife and I have a great real estate agent and an even better friend.

I have built homes in this valley for over 12 years and have worked with all of the local agents. Cindy McLaughlin has been by far the best realtor for us in selling our homes. She understands Bear Lake Culture and understands what people want here. She pays special attention to her customers’ needs even after the sale. Her clients become her friends.

Our year-long search for a family recreational cabin in the Bear Lake area suddenly shifted into high gear when we engaged the assistance of Cindy. Within a surprisingly short time, Cindy helped us identify several possibilities, tour them, research them, and then focus in on the one that best suited our needs. Cindy then negotiated an amazing price for the cabin. Our family experiences at the cabin this past summer were unmatched, and we look forward to decades of enjoyment there. We can’t thank Cindy enough for her assistance in helping us make a family dream come true.